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Review: From a Distant Star

— feeling alien
From a Distant Star - Karen McQuestion

I feel like this is one of those books that I would have LOVED a few years ago, but doesn’t work out for me anymore.
The book follows the story of two teenagers in love: Emma and Lucas. Unfortunately, Lucas is dying of cancer and of course Emma would do anything to save him. So, she pays a visit to the local witch to find a cure, which she gets. Lucas starts feeling better, but something is off. He is not himself anymore..
To me, the characters didn't feel very real. They were all a bit 2D and stereotyped in my opinion. For example, Emma is the YA heroine with an ego the size of Pluto, Scott is the cool alien that can do anything (like healing a girl’s cancer) by just being there and Eric is the 14-year-old brother that acts like he is 18. I did not feel a connection to any of them.
From a Distant Star is a cute YA sci-fi story. Nothing more and nothing less. Like I said, 15-year-old me would have loved this, because a cute YA sci-fi story was exactly what I was looking for in books back then. Nowadays I like my books to have some more depth, or at least to be a bit more exciting. This book didn't contain any plot twists, which I kind of missed and some bits were actually quite annoying, like Emma’s possessiveness.
I would recommend this book to girls (and boys) age 14-16 who love sci-fi and a cute love story.

I received a free copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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