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Let it Snow

Let it Snow - Lauren Myracle, John Green, Maureen Johnson Let's start with saying that this book is divided in three parts with three different writers. The first two were okay: just a quick, chick lit read. Nothing special but I enjoyed it anyway. The third part I really couldn't get into. It was way too girly for me and I couldn't really get into the story. I didn't like the main character because she was way too self-absorbed and generally not nice.

But then I went to bed and I couldn't sleep because I realised that I kinda AM that girl. Am I not just as self-absorbed and unlikeable as she is? I think the writer didn't just want to tell a story, but also wanted to give us young adults a mirror to show that the earth isn't all about ourselves and our misery.

Even though I appreciate the double layer, I still don't find this book great. However, if you're into chick lits, I would recommend this.

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